AB’s @ 60

1958 -2018 : Celebrating 60 Years of the Poole AB Dinghy 

Parkstone Yacht Club is home to a fleet of over 80 AB Dinghies

On SATURDAY 8th SEPTEMBER 2018 we will mark 60 years of introducing children to sailing with a special AB event

* Pro-AM AB Race  –  AB Kids Vs AB Alumni

*Veterans’ AB Race  –  Former AB sailors to re-live the glory

*AB Parade of Sail   –  PYC Commodore to take the salute from the box

*Evening event  –  Food, drink & entertainment

Do you have photos, brochures, newspaper clippings or any other memorabilia that could be copied and included in the AB Archive?

Please get in touch with Jools Haigh :


the Webmaster or via our Facebook pages

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