ABs @ 60 Archive Photos & Information

AB255 AB184 AB205 AB192 AB193 AB193 AB184 AB184 Colorado AB Juicy Fruits

A few images of AB’s sailed by daughters Ellie and Lucy Barfoot, taken between 1992 and 1994.
There are two other boats captured in the photos, AB 193 sailed by Penny Norman and AB 192 sailed by Kate Havill.

AB 184 Pelican was previously owned by William Storey in 1991. Named changed in 1992 to Colorado and sailed by Ellie. Boat passed to Lucy in 1994 and name changed to Juicy Fruits.

AB 205 Crunchie was one of the six boats ‘rescued’ from Ayr Sailing Club by Rob Jarratt, Bob Jennings and Nigel Barfoot. Sailed by Ellie from 1992 -94 and then by Ellie and Lucy until 1997.

Many thanks to Alyson Drake for the fantastic photos and the all important information, Very much appreciated Jools & Dom :)