AB Class


Find out more about the AB class below!

The AB Fleet is an ideal way to begin sailing. The Fleet is all about having fun and learning the basic skills and racing rules. There are regular Friday night training sessions where the old sailors can share boats with the younger members. There are also fun games that they play which involve catching ducks, learning secure knots to tie on the back of the boats and gybing to the sound of a whistle!!!


The starter fleet is called, CAP (Child and Parent) which is a gentle introduction using inflatable toys to sail round. When the children are ready to progress they can move onto Bronze fleet. The children at this point can sail solo, or it can continue to be sailed as a double hander with a friend. In bronze fleet the children get lots of help and encouragement from parent volunteers on the water. The next step is Silver Fleet when the children are really confident to be on the water and are keen to learn about racing. Finally, the children can go to Gold Fleet.  This is for single handed sailors that really want to concentrate on race technique!


There is more information about the fleet including what equipment you need, training and when we sail on our FAQ page

All boats registered must undergo a buoyancy test. To complete the buoyancy test you will need to have put the mast, painter and bailer on your boats. You will also need a child in a wet suit.
Please note;

• All boats need to have been buoyancy tested by 1st week of June or they will not be able to participate in the Friday Fun Nights or the Sunday Racing.
• Gold & Silever fleet boats also need to be measured (Measurement form below)  by the same date or their results will not count.

AB Class Rules Revised-1

AB Class Association Measurement Form Master 2-2.0



REVISED AB Class Promotion Rules 2014
1. If the helm wins a series and within that series win the helm has TWO or more 1st places then that helm will be promoted with immediate effect (even with an imminent youth week ...)
2. If  a helm wins a series but has not achieved any 1st place wins within the series then THAT helm will not get promoted up unless that helm wants to go up.
3. CAP fleet…. promotion from here is discretionary and will be based on a conversation between the class captain and the said parent/grandparent –  Local CDS (competitive dad syndrome) rules apply.
4. Class Captain Wild Card – At any time during the season if a helm is identified and obviously ready for a promotion and wants to go up a fleet but hasn’t won a series the Class Captain reserves the right to promote said child (they will need to understand that they will not get a trophy without winning a series despite being promoted)
Hope that is clear to you all


Buoyancy Testing

Some useful hints and tips for the start of the new season
Children’s kit – please ensure that the buoyancy aid has your child’s christian name on the back and has a crutch strap fitted, it helps if we have to fish the children out of the water. For a help on your children’s kit click here
• Ensure your AB has a PYC Yard Sticker for the current year stuck on the transom.
• Reply to Dutyman if you have been selected.
• On the 1st Sunday you will get your Fleet Ribbons to be tied on the gaff please ensure you see me if you haven’t got one; by way of a reminder
Gold = yellow
Silver = silvery grey
Bronze = blue
CAP = red