All the answers to common questions are shown below. If you have any other questions please use the contact us form.

1. What should I wear?

Swim suit, rash vest, old fleece/sweatshirt, ski socks, wetsuit, dinghy top, water proof trousers, wetsuit shoes/boots, life jacket, hat and sailing gloves.  For more chilly conditions add thermals under the wetsuit and an extra fleece over wetsuit.

In the summer time hopefully shorties wetsuits! Supermarket wetsuits and rash vests are great value. When your children’s feet are big enough opt for wetsuit boots as they are warmer.  Please ensure all sailors have sunscreen on and a water bottle.

2. When do you sail?


Every other Friday evening – tide dependant. May until the end of September.
Please be changed and rigged ready for a briefing at 6pm – outside the Beach Master’s hut.
We shall aim to be on the water for 6.30pm and usually in by about 7.30pm.
There is a parent volunteer safety rota – this the only way to ensure your child’s safety on the water


We sail every Sunday morning from May until the end of September.
9am – All parent  volunteers with a Safety Duty need to report outside the Youth Hut.
10am – AB sailors briefing. Sailors changed, boats rigged. Inside the Youth Hut.
10.30am – Start of launch sequence / training groups.

On Sundays we will normally aim to be back ashore by 12.30/1:00 pm


3. What's the age range?

You can start sailing from as young as 4 or 5 years old as there is room on board for Mummy, Daddy, Grandpa or Grandma.

Children normally sail their AB up to about  12 years old.

4. What about training?

For more information about training courses available at PYC and how to book please refer to the Parkstone Yacht Club Training Page at http://www.parkstoneyachtclub.com/pagetraining.html


5. What is DutyMan?

The continuing success of the AB Fleet depends on enthusiastic and hard working parent volunteers.  Your children’s safety is of the utmost importance to us and to that end we need enough parents on and off the water every time they sail.  In order to ensure your child’s safety duties are allocated to every AB family with a minimum of 5 duties per AB. We use DutyMan to run the rota and you will hopefully have seen and are now using the site.  If you are unable to do your duty if is your responsibility to arrange for a swap and this can all be done through DutyMan. Click here to view the DutyMan site.

Just drop us a line via our contact us form and we will get back to you as soon as we can with all the details.